Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Winter MWMS Vendor Spaces are Sold Out!

We rented the entire 14,000 sq ft building at the Medina County Fairgrounds for the Winter MWMS this Saturday, February 22nd, 2014, and we are sold out at over 160 vendor spaces! Good news for attendees, bad news if you planned on getting a spot last minute. We DO have outdoor spaces available, 20' x 20' for $30, email will_stoner@live.com if you wish to reserve one of those spots. Free hot coffee for you if you do, you are going to need it!

Midwest Moto Swap Bike Show Classes & Info

There are 13 categories for the Bike Show at the Midwest Moto Swap. We have something for everyone, including:

American Vintage Stock
American Custom
American Modern Custom
British Vintage Stock
British Custom
Japanese Vintage Stock
Japanese Custom
European Vintage Stock
European Custom
Cafe Racer
Vintage Scooter / Minicycle
Best In Show

Vintage is designated as 1984 & earlier. Competition is for full race bikes (drag, flat track, GP, you get the idea), and the rest are pretty self explanatory. Each category is judged, and we have some awesome trophies for the winners. In addition to the above categories, we will have a Best of Show award chosen by the judges as a whole. It is FREE to enter your bike in the show with your paid $5 admission! There will be a bike show registration table from 9 a.m. - Noon, and awards will be announced at 3 p.m. Now get that bike spit-shined and ready to ride!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Around-The-World Doug Wothke To Attend The MWMS

Doug Wothke has been around the world on motorcycles four times. Unlike Ewan McGregor and some others, he wasn’t on brand-new, factory-backed machinery. His mounts were a 1948 Indian Chief, a Pan Head bobber, a Sportster converted to a dirt bike and a rigid Shovel Head. Doug got hooked on bikes as a teenager. His parents wouldn’t let him get a bike, so he did the natural thing: he bought an aging Hodaka and kept it in a friend’s garage. Mrs. Wothke couldn’t understand how her son could fall off his bicycle so many times…

Wothke caught the world-traveler bug when a friend who was a missionary in Hungary told him about several old American bikes for sale there. The disease festered until 2006 when Doug embarked on his first world circumnavigation on the ’48 Chief. The adventures continued on the other machines, but he says the toughest trip he ever undertook was traveling the Tran America Trail last summer. The Trans America Trail is a five thousand mile off-route from Tennessee to Oregon. In typical Wothke fashion, he tackled it on a Harley-Davidson Tour Glide.

Doug will be telling these tales and others, along with stunning photos at the Midwest Moto Swap Saturday, February 22nd at the Medina County Fairgrounds. Check out Doug's website www.motosapiens.org to see tons of photos from all of his motorcycle trips!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Raffle Donations From MWMS Supporters

Lots more cool parts and apparel rolling in from supporters of the Midwest Moto Swap, including Hippy Killer, Metro Racing and S&S Cycle! All of this great stuff is going to be raffled off throughout the day. We have tons of stuff we are going to give away, so get your butt off the couch and come out for the day on Saturday, February 22nd at the Medina County Fairgrounds!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fabricator David Bird To Attend Winter Midwest Moto Swap

David Bird, respected welder and fabricator (also the on-screen talent in MIG Welding Fundamentals and TIG Welding Fundamentals, as well as being well-known as a maker of  hardtail frames) from Joplin, Missouri, via California and the school of hard knocks, will demonstrate TIG welding techniques, and offer free instruction throughout the day helping novices learn the basics and run their first weld beads. David is also happy to use his vast experience and knowledge to answer any questions about fabrication. 

Bird’s family moved to California when he was three. The move meant he grew up into the “Golden Age” of West Coast hot rodding. Bird learned the basics in high school and had his first welding job at age fifteen. He has since earned just about every welding certificate known to man. He’s also taught the craft in trade schools.

David’s affections are divided equally between motorcycles and cars. Along the line, he has worked with the Who’s-Who of the performance world including Carroll Smith, Swift Race Cars and Alvin Marcellus of the famed Marcellus & Borsch race team. Bird will also be checking out the Midwest Moto Swap for parts for an upcoming project.